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QUIZ: Can you guess the football player based on their nickname?

Do you have a thing for guessing footballers’ nicknames? Well look no further, our football quiz has 12 challenging questions for you to get stuck into!

Throughout the year, many footballers have been given certain nicknames during their playing careers but some can be very hard to remember.

Manchester United defender Lisandro Martinez is known as The Destroyer but was he the original Destroyer?

A certain former Liverpool and Chelsea striker had a Spanish nickname known as ‘El Niño’ but what does that mean in English and who it the striker?

Some players have long or difficult-to-pronounce names, and nicknames are often used as a simpler or more colloquial way of referring to them. This helps fans, teammates, and the media to easily identify and talk about the player.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer celebrating Man United's Champions League triumph in 1999.
Many footballers go by their nicknames usually made by the fans (Image: Getty)

Nicknames often become part of a player’s identity, and they contribute to the rich and colourful culture surrounding the sport.

We will give you ONE HINT, the man above is one of the answers on the quiz!

Some of the quiz questions can be very tough so we understand if you cannot manage to guess all 12 correctly!

PLAY QUIZ: Guess the footballers’ nickname below

Now you can try our quiz below, good luck!

Guess the footballer based on their nickname

Can you guess the football player by their nickname?

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