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Can you get these 10 TRUE OR FALSE footy questions right?

A quiz in which there are only 2 possible answers to choose from sounds easy right? We’ve put together 10 “facts” from the world of football, and you need to work out whether they are true or false!

If somebody told you that there have only ever been 2 teams to win a World Cup final in a red shirt, would you believe them? If so, you may have some trouble beating our quiz! The only team to have ever done so was England in 1966, despite red often being a colour associated with success in sports.

england 1966 true or false
England are the only team to win a World Cup Final wearing red! Image credit: Sky Sports

If we were to tell you that Robert Earnshaw is the only player to have scored a hat-trick in all 3 divisions of the English football League, would you be convinced? In this case we hope so, as it’s true!

By now you’ve probably understood the premise of the quiz you’re about to play – you have 10 football “facts”, and it is up to you to decide whether or not they are true or false!

Play the quiz below and show us how good your b******t detector is working!

10 TRUE OR FALSE football questions!

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