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QUIZ: Name the clubs where these 10 forwards began their senior career!

It’s easy to associate big name players with the clubs they made their name at – but can you correctly name where all 10 of these famous forwards BEGAN their senior careers in the quiz below?

Some players do so well for a team that their name becomes synonymous with the club itself – Alan Shearer with Newcastle United, Wayne Rooney with Manchester United – the list goes on.

Alan Shearer newcastle senior career
Alan Shearer became a legend at Newcastle United, but do you know where he began his senior career? Image credit: Transfermarkt

But those players had to start out somewhere, and we challenge YOU to tell us where!

To be clear – we are asking you to name the club which these 10 famous forwards began their SENIOR career, not their humble beginnings at youth level.

Play our quiz below and show us how much attention you’ve been paying to these world-famous forwards! 👇

Name the first senior clubs of these 10 famous forwards!

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