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QUIZ: Can you name these 10 football players’ first senior managers?

Show us how closely you’ve been paying attention over the years and name these 10 super famous football players’ first senior club managers!

The relationship between a manager and his squad is a complex and extremely important one – and it doesn’t always go to plan.

There are those lightning in a bottle combinations between football players and their managers, with examples such as Cristiano Ronaldo & Alex Ferguson at Man United, Arsene Wenger & Thierry Henry at Arsenal, and Pep Guardiola & Lionel Messi at Barcelona being but a few amongst them.

Cristiano Ronaldo & Sir Alex Ferguson were a whinging example of when football players' managers get the best from them.

On the other hand, there are situations such as Harry Redknapp’s signing of Marco Boogers – a truly bizarre, entertaining, but unsuccessful player / manager combination!

We have handpicked 10 very famous football players, both active and retired, and in this quiz we challenge you to tell us each player’s first senior team manager. Do bare in mind that that is senior and not youth level.

PLAY THE QUIZ BELOW and see how many you can name correctly – fair warning though, this isn’t an easy one!

Name these 10 footballers’ FIRST senior managers?

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