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EASY 10 question football quiz and answers!

We know the fun of a football quiz can often be in the challenge. However, for those of you who want an easier ride – here we have prepared 10 easy football trivia questions and their answers for you!

When it comes to how easy we have mad our football trivia questions in the past, we haven’t always been kind to our readers!

Between our comprehensive end of season quiz, to our Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, Real Madrid fan quizzes, and even our die hard Premier League fan quizzes – we’ve always tried to push your trivia knowledge!

Our 10 easy football trivia quiz questions make a refreshing change from the difficult quizzes we usually share with our readers!
Our previous questions may have left some readers pulling their hair out!

This time, however, we have put together a nice and easy 10 question football quiz, and this one also comes with the answers as you go through!

Play the quiz below and, if you find it TOO easy – why not try out our Ultimate Premier League fan quiz to humble yourself instead!

10 Question easy football trivia quiz (with answers!)

EASY Football trivia quiz (with answers)