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Roberto Mancini’s mother reveals why her son quit Italy national team

The unexpected resignation of Roberto Mancini from his position as the coach of the Italian national football team has left many football fans shocked.

After a successful five-year stint that included leading Italy to victory at Euro 2020, Mancini’s decision to step down left fans and pundits wondering about the reasons behind this sudden move.

Marianna Mancini, the mother of coach Roberto Mancini, recently shared her insights into her son’s decision and the emotional toll that the loss of his friend Gianluca Vialli had on him.

roberto mancini
Roberto Mancini could be set to join the Saudi Pro League with many other superstars. (Image: Getty)

The news of Roberto Mancini’s resignation caught many by surprise, including his own family. In an interview with Quotidiano Nazionale via, Marianna Mancini revealed that she had no prior knowledge of her son’s decision.

She discovered the news from her cousin, who had seen the announcement on television. Marianna expressed her surprise and concern over the abrupt change, shedding light on the fact that their conversations usually revolved around his well-being rather than his professional matters.

Marianna Mancini emphasized the close bond she shares with her son, Roberto. Their relationship has always been characterized by a sense of privacy and mutual respect.

She disclosed that they rarely discussed his work as a coach, focusing instead on his personal happiness and health.

Even amidst the challenges and pressure associated with leading a national football team, Marianna and Roberto maintained an unwavering connection centered on their family ties.

One of the factors that influenced Roberto Mancini’s decision to step down from his role with the Azzurri was the emotional toll of losing his dear friend and colleague, Gianluca Vialli.

Marianna Mancini revealed that her son had never truly overcome Vialli’s passing, underscoring his deep emotional attachment to the former Italian footballer.

This insight sheds light on the human side of coaching, illustrating how personal relationships and experiences can significantly impact a coach’s mindset and decisions.

Despite her candid revelations, Marianna Mancini admitted that she remains uncertain about the exact reasons that led Roberto to resign.

When asked about any potential issues or conflicts within the national team, she expressed her lack of knowledge.

She noted that a recent decision involving Gianluigi Buffon had been made, although she could not recall specific details.

This suggests that even within a close-knit family, there are aspects of a coach’s professional life that remain private and undisclosed.

As speculation mounts about the future of the Azzurri coaching position, Marianna Mancini remains steadfast in her support for her son.

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