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Everton midfielder Dele Alli targets 2026 World Cup as he sets daily phone reminders

Everton midfielder Dele Alli remains steadfast in his pursuit of a dream – representing England at the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

Dele’s aspirations come against a backdrop of adversity. Since his last appearance on the field in February 2023, he has grappled with debilitating hip and groin injuries, sidelining him from the sport he loves.

Yet, amidst the darkness of uncertainty, Dele finds a beacon of hope – a reminder on his phone, set for 11 o’clock every day, bearing the words “World Cup 2026.”

In a poignant interview with Sky Sports, Dele bared his soul, revealing not only his athletic ambitions but also the depths of his inner struggles.

He spoke about his childhood, mental health battles, and the journey of rehabilitation.

The interview offered a rare glimpse into the human behind the athlete – a person grappling with pain, adversity, and the scars of past trauma.

Dele’s journey to redemption is marked by resilience in the face of adversity. Despite the challenges, he remains resolute in his belief in his abilities, declaring, “I know where my level is.”

The road to recovery has been fraught with obstacles. From a stint at Besiktas cut short by injury to a gruelling six-week rehabilitation process, Dele has faced more than his fair share of setbacks.

Yet, through it all, he has remained undeterred, drawing strength from his journey and the support of those around him.

In his interview with Gary Neville, he shed light on his struggles with a sleeping pill addiction, mental health issues, and the trauma of childhood abuse.

By sharing his story, Dele not only seeks healing for himself but also offers hope and inspiration to others facing similar battles.