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Mystery former England player selling Italia 90 World Cup shirts

A mysterious former England footballer, who remains unidentified due to client confidentiality, has decided to put a remarkable collection of shirts from the 1990 World Cup up for sale.

These unique pieces of football history, totalling eight in number, are now being auctioned by Hansons Auctioneers, based in Derbyshire.

These shirts were carefully amassed throughout England’s thrilling journey in the tournament, which culminated in their heartbreaking loss to West Germany in the semi-finals.

Among the notable items in this collection is a signed yellow shirt that was worn by the legendary goalkeeper, Peter Shilton, during the fateful penalty shootout against West Germany.

This particular piece of memorabilia is expected to attract significant attention from collectors and fans alike.

The entire collection is estimated to fetch an impressive sum of £300,000.

Charles Hanson, the owner of Hansons Auctioneers, is enthusiastic about the sale but remains steadfast in protecting the confidentiality of the ex-England star behind this offering.

He did, however, provide some insight into the player’s importance in the 1990 World Cup, emphasizing their pivotal role in the tournament and their illustrious football career.

Hansons Auctioneers has dubbed the seven shirts worn by opposition players who faced England in the tournament as the “magnificent seven.”

These shirts, having exchanged hands during intense matches, are expected to command a price range of £150,000 to £250,000 each.

Originally issued to players representing various nations, including Andy Townsend from the Republic of Ireland, Johannes van’t Schip of the Netherlands, Sader Eid of Egypt, Marc van der Linden of Belgium, Emmanuel Kunde from Cameroon, Klaus Augenthaler of West Germany, and Giuseppe Giannini of Italy, these shirts hold a special place in football history.

Peter Shilton’s iconic shirt, signed by the entire England squad, carries an estimated value ranging from £40,000 to £50,000.

Italia 90 World Cup shirts

italia 90 world cup shirts

Mr. Hanson shared a poignant detail about this particular item, revealing that the former goalkeeper gave it away to the current vendor in the dressing room after the painful penalty shootout loss to West Germany. This gesture adds a layer of emotional resonance to the piece.

In the world of football memorabilia, this unique collection of retro shirts acts as a time machine, transporting enthusiasts back to the unforgettable moments of the 1990 World Cup, forever etching it into the memories of millions.

Bids for these historic shirts are being accepted through private tender, ensuring that dedicated collectors have the opportunity to secure these remarkable artefacts of football history.

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