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The reason Man United fans CAN’T buy a Rasmus Højlund shirt!

Man United fans looking to purchase a Rasmus Højlund shirt to support their new signing have been left disappointed – and for an embarrassing reason!

It isn’t unusual that when a club completes a big signing, supporters flock to buy a shirt with their new star’s name and number.

Considering that Man United have desperately tried to fill the gap left in their attack by Cristiano Ronaldo’s exit last year, fans may have been even more desperate to support their new goal scorer.

However, when it came to Red Devils flocking to purchase one of United’s new shirts donning Rasmus Højlund’s name, the club ran into an embarrassing issue…

Man United Rasmus Højlund
Man United fans are currently unable to order a No11 Rasmus Højlund shirt. Image credit: ESPN

Why can’t fans buy a Højlund Man United shirt?

The club were unable to provide shirts with their new signing’s name for one simple reason. They didn’t have any Danish “ø’s” in stock for over a month!

This meant that fans of United’s newest £72 million starlet were unable to order one of his shirts.

The club promised supporters an update this Wednesday, with Højlund shirts still unavailable as of last Friday, the 8th of September.

Man United Rasmus Højlund shirt
Man United store’s lack of Danish “ø’s” have left fans infuriated. Image credit: The New York Times

The lack of No11 Højlund shirts has infuriated some of Man United’s supporters, with one branding their mistake as “incompetence”.

This particular supporter was hoping to purchase one of Højlund’s shirts in time for a relative’s birthday said “It’s incompetence. The big summer signing, and you still can’t get a shirt with his name on it because nobody saw fit to get the Danish “ø”.

Man United have since told supporters that Højlund’s No11 shirts will be available for this Thursday, the 14th of September, with their update hoping to confirm this on Wednesday.

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This recent blunder only adds to the club’s dismal start to their 2023/2024 Premier League campaign, which already had fans in a bad mood with their club!