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Former Germany manager SACKED by South Korea

Korea Football Association (KFA) has decided to part ways with Jurgen Klinsmann just 12 months into his tenure as the head coach of the South Korean national football team.

The decision comes on the heels of South Korea’s disappointing exit from the Asian Cup, where they were defeated by Jordan in the semi-finals on February 6.

Klinsmann, who won the World Cup as a player with West Germany in 1990, was appointed as South Korea’s head coach in February of the previous year.

Despite having a contract that extended until the end of the 2026 World Cup, the KFA deemed a change in leadership “necessary” following the team’s underwhelming performance in the Asian Cup.

The criticism aimed at Klinsmann was not only based on the team’s on-field results but also on his perceived lack of leadership qualities.

The KFA, in a statement, pointed to Klinsmann’s shortcomings in areas such as game management, player management, and work attitude, which were seen as critical factors in elevating the competitiveness of the national team.

Unlike his predecessors, who were based in the capital city, Klinsmann preferred to remain in California.

Reports indicated that, in his first six months on the job, he had spent only 67 days in the country, further contributing to his unpopularity among fans.

He led Germany to a third-place finish in the 2006 World Cup and guided the United States to the knockout stages in 2014, his time in South Korea was marred by disappointment.