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WATCH: Most embarrassing own goal you’ve seen?

Is this the most embarrassing own goal ever committed in foot balling history? 

Canada VS Haiti, June 2021’s in the World Cup qualifiers – Haitian left-back, Kevin LaFrance plays a controlled pass back to goalkeeper, Josue Duverger…

The goalkeeper, under pressure from an incoming Canadian striker roughly 12 yards ahead, tries to take the ball under control with the inside of his right foot.

Things do not go as planned. 

Duverger misses the touch completely, the ball travelling through his stumbling legs and towards his line. He turns to once again look to use the inside of his right foot to control the pass, before second-guessing himself and squaring up to clear the ball with a right-footed strike instead – this would be the fatal final mistake in the bizarre sequence. 

As Duverger aims his powerful strike, he accidentally pokes the ball with his left toe, sending it travelling out of sync with his incoming right foot… and straight into the back of his own net.

This would be a low point of what was (For Haiti at least) a rather miserable night, with the game ending 4-0 in favour of the Canadians.

We’re not sure that we’ve ever seen a more embarrassing fumble than this one in top flight football – let us know if you agree after you’ve watched below!

Credit: Sky Sports/Youtube