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Vinicius Jr breaks down in tears and feels ‘less and less’ like playing after racist abuse

Real Madrid winger Vinicius Junior recently found himself in a vulnerable moment as he spoke out against the recurring racism he has endured while playing in La Liga.

Addressing the media ahead of a friendly match with Spain, Vinicius broke down in tears, expressing the emotional toll of facing relentless racist abuse.

In his heartfelt statement, Vinicius articulated the inner struggle he faces, torn between his love for the game and the anguish caused by the bigotry he encounters.

“I just want to play football, but it’s hard to move forward… I feel less and less like playing,” he admitted, revealing the psychological burden imposed by the incessant discrimination.

Despite the adversity, Vinícius remains steadfast in his resolve not to succumb to the hate. Refusing to entertain the idea of leaving Spain, he emphasized that doing so would only gratify the racists.

Instead, he bravely asserts his presence, determined to defy prejudice by excelling on the pitch. “I will stay because that way the racists can continue to see my face more and more,” Vinicius affirmed.

As part of an anti-racism campaign under the slogan “One Skin,” his actions resonate with a larger movement striving for inclusivity and equality in sports.

Moreover, Vinícius’s resilience has garnered support from fellow players, including Rodrygo, who advocates for stringent penalties to deter racist abuse.

Rodrygo’s call for accountability reflects a growing consensus that tangible consequences are essential in eradicating discriminatory behaviour.

However, amidst the condemnation of racism, there remains a poignant acknowledgement of systemic failures in addressing these issues.

Dorival Junior, the Brazilian national coach, lamented the inefficiency of authorities in combating racism.