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Real Madrid take legal action over alleged racist abuse towards Vinicius Junior

Real Madrid has taken a resolute stance against racism in football following yet another incident involving one of their players.

The recent complaint filed by Real Madrid with the Spanish legal authorities underscores the severity of the issue and the club’s commitment to combating discrimination in the sport.

The target of the racist abuse, Vinicius Junior, found himself subjected to “racist and hateful insults” during Atletico Madrid and Barcelona matches, one was when Atletico played Inter Milan in the midweek Champions League quarter final 2nd leg.

The other was during the Barcelona v Napoli match.

These incidents, captured in videos circulating on social media, depict fans chanting derogatory slurs aimed towards the Brazilian forward.

In response to these reprehensible acts, Real Madrid has taken proactive measures, lodging a formal complaint with the Attorney General’s Office against hate crimes and discrimination.

The club’s statement unequivocally condemns the “violent attacks of racism, discrimination, and hatred” directed towards Vinicius Jr, emphasizing a commitment to upholding the values of football and advocating for zero tolerance towards such abhorrent behaviour.

Real Madrid’s coach, Carlo Ancelotti, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the need for a “zero tolerance” policy towards racism in Spanish football.

Ancelotti’s call for action underscores the urgency of addressing systemic issues within the sport, urging all stakeholders to collaborate in eradicating racism from football stadiums.

Vinicius Jr himself has spoken out against the racism he has endured, highlighting the need for UEFA to take decisive action against perpetrators.

This is not the first time Vinicius Jr has been targeted by racist abuse. Previous incidents include chants by Atletico Madrid fans and the despicable act of hanging an effigy near Real Madrid’s training ground.

Real Madrid’s stance against racism sets a precedent for other clubs and institutions to follow.