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2024/2025 Man City season ticket prices leave fans fuming

Man City season ticket prices for their 2024/2025 campaign have been released, leaving fans peeved at the extortionate cost of watching matches at the Etihad.

The Sky Blue side of Manchester has unveiled its ticket pricing structure for season ticket holders at the Etihad in the 2024/2025 season, and sadly for their home support the cost of watching their side play has not gone down.

In fact, the club have decided to go the opposite way, increasing the price of a season ticket for next season’s action.

It is reported that, on average over all ticket options, the club, who reported record profits last season, have increased the cost placed on their fans by 5%.

The cheapest available adult Man City season ticket clocks in at £540, with the most expensive tickets going right up to £1,600 for the club’s ‘premium seats’.

This has lead to fans criticising the club for what appears to be a ‘money grab’ move.

Fans have criticised the 2024/2025 Man City season ticket pricing for an average of 5% increase in costs for supporters.
Fans have criticised the 2024/2025 Man City season ticket pricing for an average of 5% increase in costs for supporters.

Man City will be offering 5 different types of membership to their supporters next season, with the following packages available:

Value Gold Membership

City describe their Value Gold Membership as allowing buyers to attend all 19 home Premier League fixtures at the Etihad, as well as 190 ‘ticket points’.

The buyer’s seat will be allocated after the renewal window has closed, with limited availability for this package, according to Man City’s official website.

Gold Membership

City’s Gold Membership package works, as perhaps expected, in a similar fashion to their Value Gold Membership offering.

The Gold Membership also gives buyers 190 ticket points, and secures their seat for all 19 home matches – with the added perk of being able to select their seat themselves.

Platinum Membership

All Gold Membership season ticket holders can pay an additional £50 to upgrade to Man City’s Platinum Membership package.

According to their site, this upgrade doubles a buyer’s ticket points from 190 to 380, with no other bonuses mentioned.

93:20 Membership

City’s next offering is the 93:20 Membership.

Named after the exact moment Sergio Aguero scored his infamous goal against QPR to pip Manchester United to the post for the 2011/2012 Premier League title – giving the club their first league title since the 1967/1968 season.

The 93:20 Membership is described as offering premium seats to enhance the buyer’s match day experience, as well as offering boosted discounts on future purchases.

Flexi-Gold Membership

New for the 2024/2025 season is the Flexi-Gold Membership.

This new addition to the Man City season ticket line up is designed for fans who want to make the majority of the club’s home matches, but can’t commit solidly enough for a full season ticket.

It is described as a pay-as-you-go style Season Ticket for fans who want the same guaranteed seat for all home Premier League fixtures, with added flexibility.

The ticket allows the buyer to ‘opt in’ for each fixture 3 weeks in advance of it being played, to allow of them to manage their season ticket more easily around their schedules.

The ticket also guarantees fans the same seat for every home fixture that they do attend.

The initial membership fee is £150, with a pay as you go style tariff applying for each match attended throughout the season.

Man City have offered loyalty points to season ticket holders since they moved to the Etihad Stadium.

How do Man City season ticket points work?

Man City have offered fans a loyalty scheme since they first moved to the Etihad – allowing fans to earn points against purchases made via the club store.

The main motivation for fans to rack up these points is that away game tickets are sold on a cascading scale based upon who has the most ticket points.

Points can be earned on purchases of any merchandise or ticket via Man City’s official store, giving fans a chance to get something back for investing in their club!

So, there you have all available options for a Man City season ticket or the 2024/2025 season!

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