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WATCH: Worst miss in the history of football?!

Is this the worst miss ever seen in professional football?

It is 2010 and we are watching round 16 of the Asian Games, as Qatar and Uzbekistan’s under 23’s teams battle it out to see who progresses to the next round of the tournament. 

A hard-fought game that was deadlocked at 90 minutes at 0-0, the two teams prepared for extra time – both knowing that a goal was sorely needed.

Just 50 seconds in to the first period of extra time, Fahad Khalfan of Qatar was gifted possibly the best opportunity possible to get one. 

The ball is played back to the Uzbek goalkeeper who, under pressure from Khalfan allows the ball to travel through his legs and into the feet of the pursuing striker.

Khalfan takes a touch to his right to get the goal squarely in his sights and allow no room for error… but then proceeds to find some and give us one of the most baffling (and rather entertaining) misses in footballing history!

If you’re thinking that Khalfan’s evening couldn’t have gotten any worse from this point, you would be wrong…

Just 8 minutes later, Uzbekistan scored the goal that would eventually win them the game 1-0. 

WATCH below and let us know if you’ve seen a worse miss!