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ROWDY Millwall fans INTERRUPT local choir at Leeds train station

On Sunday morning, things got a bit chaotic at Leeds train station.

You see, there was this singing group performing McFly’s old tune “All About You” right in the middle of the station.

The choir was just minding their own business but then things got a bit hectic very quickly.

Here come the Millwall fans, all pumped up for their big match at 3pm. They had to pass through the station to get to the game, and well, they weren’t exactly quiet about it.

Let’s just say the singing group’s performance got a bit drowned out by the rowdy fans. Can’t blame them, though. Big game excitement and all that.

You can see the footage below:

One fan on Twitter said: “Millwall fans getting outsang by a local choir has to be one of the best things I’ve ever seen”

Another said: “Typical Millwall, can’t even let a harmless choir sing without ruining it”

Leeds United ended up winning the match 2-0 with goals from Willy Gnoto and Dan James, the result means Leeds go top of the Championship.