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Premier League calls EMERGENCY MEETING to finalise LANDMARK settlement

An emergency meeting has been called by the Premier League’s 20 shareholders to try and finalise a financial settlement.

The Premier League has notified clubs including Aston Villa, Everton and Manchester United that they intend to initiate a meeting on 29th February to propose a new deal surrounding the 72 clubs in the English Football League.

The new deal is set to cost Premier League clubs between £837m – £925m across 6 years according to Sky News.

The financial difference between the Premier League and the Championship is STAGGERING (Getty)

For many struggling EFL clubs, their biggest income boosters are strong FA Cup runs and parachute payments.

What does this new proposed deal mean for English football?

Well, if all clubs vote in favour of the new proposal then it would mean extra money spread out across the Championship down to League 2.

The landmark £800m+ financial settlement would involve hundreds of millions of pounds being evenly distributed across the EFL for 72 clubs.

Is the Premier League pulling further away from its EFL counterparts each year? Let us know!