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WATCH: Drunk referee escorted from pitch…

We’ve all accused a referee of impaired decision making and suggested they be removed from the pitch before, right?  

A 2008 Belarusian Premier League game between Vitebsk and Naftan saw this become a reality!

Sergei Shmolik was the referee responsible for overseeing this fixture. Having been voted the referee of the year in Belarus the previous year this should have been welcome news to both sides, however this would turn out to be one of his more memorable performances as an FA official…

Shmolik refereed the game most bizarrely entirely from inside the centre circle and appeared quite obviously to be having some difficulty keeping control of his faculties as he did so – yet the sight of the referee wobbling and lurching his way through running the match confined to just 20 yards of space didn’t seem to raise alarm with other officials, as he officiated the ENTIRE 90 minutes of the game before being escorted back to the dressing room by his colleagues!

WATCH BELOW this bizarre chapter in football history!