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FIFA President Gianni Infantino says ‘way more’ football is needed after re-election

FIFA President, Gianni Infantino, has expressed his desire for more football after being re-elected until 2027, stating that there is a need for “way more” football worldwide.

Despite criticism from player unions and La Liga regarding an expanded football calendar, Infantino remains committed to expanding the sport’s reach globally.

He aims to organise a women’s Club World Cup and a FIFA World Series every two years during team breaks from qualifiers.

The 2026 World Cup, set to take place in the United States, Mexico and Canada, will feature 48 teams, with 104 matches played.

The tournament will have 104 matches rather than a projected 80 after Fifa changed a proposed format of 16 three-team groups to 12 groups of four.

Meanwhile, a new 32-team Club World Cup will occur every four years starting in June 2025. Although concerns have been raised regarding the demands on players, Infantino believes that football must continue to develop and thrive worldwide.

“When I hear there is too much football, yes, maybe in some places, but not everywhere,” said Infantino.

“In fact, in most parts of the world there is not enough football played. “We need way more and not less competitions, we want football to develop worldwide.

“We are discussing organising a women’s Club World Cup and a Fifa World Series in March every two years, when teams are free from playing qualifiers.”