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Sir Alex Ferguson’s BRUTAL reply when asked if ‘Spurs could win the league’

Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was asked if Spurs could ever win the league and his response was blunt but brutal.

The Newbury Racecourse, known for its rich history in horse racing, became an unexpected backdrop for football enthusiasts seeking insights from one of the most successful managers in the sport’s history.

Sir Alex Ferguson, who managed Manchester United for 26 years, winning numerous domestic and international honours, was attending the event when he found himself in the midst of a football-related interrogation.

The question was direct: “Will Spurs ever win the Premier League?” Sir Alex’s response was as direct as the query itself, with a resounding “No.”

However, as expected from the seasoned manager, his explanation delved into the intricacies of the level of competition, particularly highlighting the formidable level of football played by teams like Manchester City and Liverpool.

While the one-word response may seem blunt, Sir Alex Ferguson went on to elaborate on his reasoning.

The veteran manager highlighted the intense competition in the Premier League, singling out powerhouse clubs like Manchester City and Liverpool as major obstacles for Tottenham’s title aspirations.

He emphasized the consistent high-level performances of these clubs, their financial prowess, and the quality of their squads.

According to Sir Alex, Spurs would need to not only elevate their game but also contend with the sustained excellence displayed by these formidable opponents.