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Fans calling for Martin Tyler to return after Peter Drury CRINGEFEST

Football, the beautiful game, is a source of joy, heartbreak, and apparently, cringeworthy commentary.

During the Aston Villa v Manchester United match, the commentary had fans reaching for the remote, not to change the channel, but to silence the over-enthusiastic commentary of none other than Peter Drury.

Over the years, Drury has delivered several memorable and iconic lines during his commentaries, contributing to his popularity among football fans.

He has covered multiple FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship tournaments, providing commentary on some of the most memorable moments in international football.

Drury is known for his distinctive and poetic style of commentary, often incorporating dramatic and emotional language to describe key moments in matches.

Peter Drury joined Sky Sports at the start of the this season and the news was music to many fans’ ears as they can’t get enough of his poetic commentary but fans have already had enough of his ‘over the top’ enthusiasm, I guess there’s no pleasing everyone, right?

Fans are calling for the return of Martin Tyler after Drury’s ‘cringeworthy’ commentary today.

Martin Tyler holding a microphone
Fans are calling for Martin Tyler to return to Sky Sports (Image: Getty)

The Sky Sports commentator who replaced Martin Tyler has had fans cringing on Twitter after his comments on Manchester United striker Rasmus Hojlund.

He referred Hojlund to “Rock and Roll Rasmus” which had fans curling their toes with cringe.

Twitter went ablaze with fans calling for Martin Tyler’s return to Sky Sports, hoping to trade in the cringe for some Tyler charm.

Paddy Power even got in on the act with a ‘facepalm’ Tweet.

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