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The Stone Roses x Man United: Manchester duo form collaboration

The early 90s marked a cultural and musical renaissance in Manchester, giving birth to the iconic Madchester scene.

This era not only left an indelible mark on the world but also solidified Manchester’s status as a cultural hub.

In a delightful homage to those heady days, Adidas and Manchester United have joined forces with legendary Madchester band, The Stone Roses, to unveil a collaborative collection that seamlessly blends football, fashion, and music.

Madchester was more than just a music genre; it was a cultural movement that brought together indie music and dance culture, defining a generation and putting Manchester on the global map.

At the heart of this movement was The Stone Roses, a band that embodied the spirit and sound of Madchester. Their influence transcended music, seeping into the fabric of the city’s identity.

The Stone Roses’ connection with Manchester United has grown over the years, with their anthemic track, “This is the One,” becoming the iconic walk-out music at Old Trafford since the early 2000s.

The collaboration between Adidas and Manchester United with The Stone Roses is a celebration of this unique relationship, honouring the band’s contribution to both the city’s music scene and the football club.

The Stone Roses and Manchester United jersey being worn
The nostalgic shirt which features the famous Lemon of The Stone Roses (Image:

For this collaborative collection, Adidas draws inspiration from The Stone Roses’ self-titled 1989 album cover, a masterpiece created by guitarist John Squire.

The centrepiece of the collection is the Manchester United x Stone Roses Originals Icon Jersey. This jersey brilliantly combines the bold and distinctive backdrop of Squire’s artwork with Adidas’ timeless Originals aesthetic.

The Originals Icon Jersey features intricate details directly inspired by the album cover. The red, white, and blue Adidas three stripes on the sleeve mirror the colour palette of the artwork, while the gold lettering of ‘The Stone Roses’ on the collar pays homage to the band’s first album.

A close up photo of the new Man United shirt
A closer look at the Stone Roses and Man United collab shirt (Image:

The Manchester United crest undergoes a unique adaptation, incorporating the words ‘This is the One’ and replacing footballs with two lemon slices, a nod to the band’s symbolism.

The collection takes centre stage on the pitch, with the pre-match jersey and reversible anthem jacket set to be worn by the Manchester United men’s team before their clash with Aston Villa and the women’s team in their match against Southampton.

The grayscale rendition of The Stone Roses album artwork, combined with striking gold accents for the Adidas logo, Manchester United badge, and official sponsor, creates a visually stunning and nostalgic aesthetic.

A Stone Roses x Man Utd collab jacket
An iconic fashion statement, we can see these selling out pretty quickly (Image:

The Adidas and Manchester United collaboration with The Stone Roses is a journey back to the vibrant Madchester era, celebrating the synergy between music, football, and culture.

The Originals Icon Jersey stands as a testament to the timeless influence of The Stone Roses and the lasting impact of Madchester, showcasing a harmonious blend of style, history, and the undeniable spirit of Manchester.

This collaboration invites fans to relive the magic of the early 90s, where the sounds of The Stone Roses and the roar of Old Trafford echoed through the streets of Madchester.