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Two Premier League players have been arrested over alleged rape

Two young Premier League footballers, both aged 19, have been arrested in connection with an alleged rape incident.

The players, who remain unnamed due to legal reasons, were released on bail after being questioned by the authorities. The alleged incident reportedly occurred on a Friday, as reported by The Sun newspaper.

According to a police spokesperson, one of the players was arrested on suspicion of assault and aiding and abetting a rape, while the other was arrested on suspicion of rape.

Both individuals have been released on police bail, pending further investigation into the matter.

The club to which the players belong has chosen not to comment on the allegations, leaving many questions unanswered regarding the potential disciplinary actions or support offered to the players involved.

The Premier League, which has seen its fair share of scandals involving players over the years, implemented mandatory sexual consent training for players and staff back in 2022, aiming to educate individuals about their responsibilities and promote a culture of respect and integrity within the sport.

The Premier League itself has faced scrutiny over its handling of similar cases in the past.

A Panorama investigation in November uncovered instances where clubs continued to field players and retained managerial staff despite being aware of ongoing police investigations into allegations of sexual or domestic violence.