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Liverpool set to SWAP Nike for Adidas in new kit deal from 2025-26 season

In an exclusive revelation from SportsBusiness, Liverpool FC are on the verge of announcing a new kit supplier deal with Adidas, marking a significant reunion between the two entities after a 13-year hiatus.

The deal is poised to commence from the 2025-26 season and will span five seasons until 2029-30, potentially reshaping the club’s commercial landscape and visual identity on the global stage.

Following an extensive tender process, Adidas emerged as the winning bidder, overcoming competition from incumbent Nike and rival Puma.

This decision signals a strategic shift for Liverpool, a club renowned for its historic achievements and global fanbase, as it seeks to maximize its commercial partnerships.

Since the 2020-21 season, Nike has served as Liverpool’s kit supplier, a deal that came into fruition after a legal battle with New Balance, the previous supplier.

Despite Nike’s marketing prowess and distribution capabilities, the financial terms of the deal have raised eyebrows within the industry.

With a base fee of £30 million per season, Liverpool’s earnings from the agreement fall below the standards set by other top-tier clubs.

Notably, the impending partnership with Adidas is expected to yield a significant increase in revenue for Liverpool, surpassing the financial benefits derived from the Nike deal.

While exact figures have yet to be disclosed, insiders suggest that the new agreement will eclipse the c. £50 million annual sum generated under the Nike contract.

However, it is anticipated to fall short of the league-wide record set by Manchester United, who reportedly receive £90 million per season from Adidas.

The allure of Adidas extends beyond financial incentives, as the German sportswear giant boasts a rich history of collaboration with iconic football clubs and athletes worldwide.

For Liverpool, the reunion with Adidas represents more than just a commercial venture; it symbolizes a return to tradition and heritage, evoking nostalgia among fans who fondly remember the club’s previous partnership with the brand.

During their previous association, Liverpool enjoyed considerable success both domestically and in European competitions, a legacy that Adidas is keen to revive through innovative kit designs and strategic marketing campaigns.

The partnership holds immense potential to strengthen Liverpool’s brand visibility and commercial appeal, especially in key markets across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.