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‘Classy’ Harry Maguire praised for immediate reaction after FA Cup win

Manchester United saved themselves from complete humiliation after beating Championship side Coventry City on penalties to advance to the FA Cup final.

Amidst the nail-biting tension, Antony, the celebrated winger, seemed to relish in the triumph, much to the dismay of his opponents.

While many expected Manchester United to dominate the match, their performance left much to be desired.

Despite initially commanding a 3-0 lead, the Premier League giants found themselves grappling with a resurgent Coventry side, conceding three goals in a mere 24 minutes.

The match extended into extra time, culminating in a tense shootout to determine the winner.

In the aftermath of the victory, the stark contrast in reactions between Antony and his teammate Harry Maguire was glaring.

While Maguire extended empathy and consolation to the defeated Coventry players, Antony opted for a more provocative approach.

Ignoring the narrow escape United had experienced, Antony turned to the Coventry players, taunting them with a victorious gesture, amplifying the intensity of the moment as Rasmus Hojlund’s penalty secured the win.

Despite the jubilation of advancing in the tournament, the reality remained stark for Manchester United.

Expected to contend for a spot in the Europa League, their struggle against a lower-tier team underscored the challenges they faced.