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Were Liverpool fans right to BOO the national anthem at Wembley?

In the Carabao Cup final at Wembley, many Liverpool fans booed the national anthem before the match against Chelsea.

Liverpool fans have held a long term grudge against the establishment which dated back the 1980s when the Conservatives ‘failed’ the city.

The Hillsborough disaster further cemented the feud after ‘The Sun’ newspaper blamed Liverpool fans for causing the horrific incident where 97 of their fans were ‘unlawfully killed by the Police’.

That’s why in Liverpool, many newsagents have boycotted the ‘rag’ causing a near total eclipse of the Sun in the city.

There was a lack of police intervention and organization to guide fans to less crowded areas of the stadium, contributing to the dangerous congestion.

Initially, there were attempts to blame the disaster on the behaviour of the fans.

However, subsequent investigations and the 2012 Hillsborough Independent Panel report concluded that the primary cause was a failure in police control and inadequate stadium facilities.

Being a far-left city and fanbase, the national anthem continues to be booed whether the match is being played at Anfield or Wembley.

Liverpool fans BOO national anthem at Wembley
Many Liverpool fans like to call themselves ‘Scouse not English’ due to the anti-establishment agenda.

The passionate Liverpool fans don’t forget the hardship they faced during the aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster and they will always make their feelings known because of this.

Footage of the Liverpool fans booing the national anthem can be seen below:

Liverpool Football Club said in a statement before the Brentford match at Anfield in May:

“The Premier League had advised clubs to play ‘God Save the King’ before kick-off, but did not make it compulsory,”

“It is, of course, a personal choice how those at Anfield on Saturday mark this occasion and we know some supporters have strong views on it.”

Of course for Liverpool fans, they are entitled to their own beliefs and views especially considering past experiences.

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