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Fans SHOCKED by Chelsea’s ‘totally unaffordable’ £5,000 ticket

Football fans are in utter disbelief after finding out they would have to fork out £5,000 to sit behind Pochettino in the Chelsea dugout.

The price has been set for their Premier League home match against Manchester United in April.

The £5,000 tickets are for hospitality in ‘The Dugout Club’ and were introduced following the change of ownership at the club.

If you want to sit behind Poch for the United match, you will have to have a very deep pocket… (Image: Getty)

Vice-chairman of Chelsea Supporters’ Trust, Dom Rosso, described the £5,000 ticket as ‘alarming’ and many officials at rival Premier League clubs thought the same thing.

Compared to similar packages at rival clubs, Chelsea’s is by far the most expensive.

The only hospitality package that comes close to that price is Manchester City’s at £4,200 but with that you got the opportunity to watch the players from glass tunnel and meet and greet a City legend.

Chelsea have not commented on this yet but the price for the same seat earlier in the season was only £700 so it’s clearly a huge price hike.

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