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Thousands of Liverpool fans MISSED team bus welcoming as it went other way

Thousands of unfortunate Liverpool fans missed their traditional team bus welcoming as it went the other way into the new stand.

Merseyside Police were on RED ALERT today over the safety concerns of the players and the Manchester City coach after previous incidents.

Liverpool fans usually wait to give the Manchester City players the most unwelcoming reception possible but today there was no chance of that thanks to the work of the Merseyside Police.

Liverpool and Manchester City are set to face-off at 3:45pm at Anfield both seperated by just ONE point, everything is on the line here.

Today’s match promises to be a spectacle.

Manchester City’s team bus sneaked in just fine also, you can see below:

You can see the footage of the Liverpool team bus below:

Great work by the Merseyside Police to ensure the safety of the players and fans!