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Police on RED ALERT ahead of Sunday’s Liverpool v Man City title SHOWDOWN

Liverpool host Manchester City in a huge Premier League title showdown as both teams sit 1st and 2nd in the table, separated by just ONE point.

As the Premier League title race reaches its climax, all eyes are on Anfield for a pivotal clash between Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool and the defending champions, Manchester City.

Scheduled for a 3.45 pm kick-off on Sunday, this highly anticipated match could prove decisive in determining the fate of the coveted trophy.

With just a one-point lead, Liverpool find themselves in top position but Man City will be hoping they can overtake their rivals this weekend.

The rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester City has been intensified by memorable clashes on and off the field.

One element that has marred previous encounters is the targeted aggression against the opposition team buses.

City’s team bus has been the unfortunate recipient of projectiles and flares, with incidents occurring in April 2018 and December of the same year.

In the April 2018 incident, City’s bus was bombarded with bottles and flares, tossed by rowdy Liverpool fans on its way to Anfield.

Another instance involved a bottle breaking a window on Manchester United’s bus en route to Anfield in December of the same year.

The Man City team bus has been a huge target on many occasions but Police are hoping they can safeguard the coach on Sunday.

Liverpool Football Club has condemned the previous incidents, emphasizing their commitment to promoting a safe and enjoyable environment for both teams and fans.

The club is hopeful that such events will not be repeated during this weekend’s crucial showdown.

However, given the history and the potential for heightened emotions, Merseyside Police are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of all involved.

In a statement to the Daily Mail, Merseyside Police confirmed their heightened vigilance ahead of the Liverpool vs. Manchester City clash.

The focus is not only on safeguarding the players and staff but also on maintaining public order and ensuring the overall security of the event.