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Sunny Singh Gill to make Premier League referee history!

Sunny Singh Gill is set to make Premier League history this weekend during Crystal Palace’s home game against Luton Town.

Sunny comes from a family of football referees, with his father, Jarnail already having made history as the only English Football League referee to ever wear a turban during a match.

Jarnail Singh was the official for 150 matches between 2004-2010, and seems to have passed the bug on to his sons, with Sunny’s brother, Bhupinder, also having made his own mark on football history.

Sunny Singh Gill is pictured here with his father, Jarnail Singh, whose footsteps he is following in as a professional referee.
Sunny pictured with his father Jarnail Singh. Image credit: Sky Sports

Bhupinder was the first Sikh-Punjabi to be named the assistant referee in a Premier League match, when he ran the lines for Southampton vs Forest in January 2023.

This weekend, when Crystal Palace welcome Luton Town to Selhurst Park, Sunny Singh Gill will add to the family’s claims on football refereeing history.

He will become the first ever British-South Asian to referee a Premier League match, adding yet another notch to the remarkable legacy of the Singh-Gill family.

Catch Sunny Singh Gill making Premier League history at 3PM on Saturday the 9th of March, when Crystal Palace face off with Luton Town!

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