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Chris Basham says horror injury “could be career-ending”

Sheffield United defender Chris Basham has admitted that the horror ankle injury he sustained in October last year “could be career-ending” for him.

Basham suffered a serious ankle injury during a match against Fulham on October the 7th last year, with the game being stopped for 14 minutes before he was wheeled away to hospital.

The 35-year-old had attempted to cross the ball into his teammates when he rolled on his ankle, causing it to break under him in horrific fashion.

Basham said of the incident “I can remember planting my foot in the wrong position. I remember falling to the ground and I heard a little crack, but I didn’t expect it to be as bad as it was. I didn’t really feel much pain at the time”

Chris Basham suffered a horror ankle injury last October against Fulham.
Basham’s horror ankle injury against Fulham last October. Image credit: Betimate

The Sheffield United man, who is currently in his 10th season at Bramhall Lane, has recently admitted in a an interview with Sky Sports that the injury could be career-ending for him.

“It could be career-ending, but I’m not sure yet. On a weekly and daily basis, I’m trying to get back to basic things. Just going around carrying a shopping cart is tough.”

“Mentally I’ve been up and down. It has been great coming back to the training ground, but going in the gym and watching the lads train outside is like stabbing yourself in the heart, it’s hard.”

“I had three operations. I can remember most of it but once I got to the hospital, they quickly put me on medication I’ve never had before to get my leg back inside my body”

“They restructured my ankle. I’ve had tightropes and metal plates put in and slowly I’m getting back on my feet.” said Basham on his recovery.

He has also given insight into how much of a mental toll the injury has taken on him, as well as his family and fiends who support him.

“Going back to the hospital was tough for me, my wife, and my kids because they thought dad was coming home and would be home for a while to recover.”

“It was obviously my worst nightmare. I’m five months down the line and it has been really, really tough. I was in hospital for a month and it has been tough on everyone.” he explained.

Basham also gave praise to Fulham captain Tim Ream, who was the first to come to aid him after the horror injury left him grounded.

“Tim Ream was brilliant. He came over and grabbed my hand and said let the medics do their work and you’ll be fine. The way that both Fulham and Sheffield United have been with me has been outstanding and I can’t thank them enough.”

Basham’s injury comes in an already difficult season for Sheffield United, who lost one of their players Maddy Cusack just last year. The side are also flat bottom in the Premier League and a full 11 points adrift of safety.

Football Post wishes Chris Basham a full recovery, and we hope to see him back in action once again in the Premier League for Sheffield United.