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Dani Alves’ brother FUMES over prankster’s false death claims on Twitter

A social media post by Rio de Janeiro-based internet prankster Paulo Albuquerque falsely claiming that former Brazil star Dani Alves had taken his own life in prison, went viral overnight.

The misinformation sent shockwaves through social media, leaving fans, friends, and family distraught.

Dani Alves’ brother has since condemned the internet prankster, highlighting the cruelty of such actions and considering legal action against the individual responsible.

Albuquerque took to social media, formerly Twitter, to share the baseless information with his 12,600 followers.

He wrote, ‘The information I’m receiving is that Daniel Alves has killed himself.’

This alarming post quickly gained traction, spreading like wildfire across various platforms, causing concern among fans and the general public alike.

Albuquerque followed up with another post eight hours later, clarifying that he was actually referring to his cousin, Danielzinho, from the city of Nova Iguacu, who had gone missing but was later found alive.

The former Barcelona star’s press advisor, Acaz Felleger, expressed their frustration and concern over the irresponsible actions of Albuquerque.

Alves’ brother Ney said:

‘He’s already been convicted. Is that not enough?

‘Now the madness is people want him dead. They want to see my brother dead. How cruel is that!

‘My dad is more than 70 years old and my mum is more than 60.

‘Do people like this not have family?’

Dani Alves is currently serving a 4.5 years prison sentence for sexual assault.

Felleger stated that they were considering legal action against the prankster to hold him accountable for spreading false and harmful information about Dani Alves.