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Dani Alves given 4.5 years jail time for SEXUAL ASSAULT!

Former Barcelona and Brazil right-back Dani Alves has been given 4.5 years jail time after being found guilty of a sexual assault that took place in December 2022.

We reported back in December of last year that Dani Alves, now 40, had been arrested on suspicion of a sexual assault at a nightclub in Barcelona.

The assault was alleged to have taken place on New Year’s Eve 2022, with Alves being accused of raping the victim in a bathroom at the club.

Dani Alves is awaited by paparazzi as he arrives to jail.
Paparazzi await Alves’ arrival to Police custody. Image credit: CTV News

It was outlined in the case that, although the victim had been dancing and entered the club willingly with Alves, she was later prevented from leaving the bathroom by him before the assault took place.

She went on to claim that Alves then hit her, insulted her, and forced her to have sexual relations against her will.

Dani Alves denied his guilt at the time of his arrest last year, saying:

“Yes, I was in that place, with more people, enjoying myself. And people who know me know that I love to dance. I was dancing and enjoying myself without invading the space of others.

“I don’t know who that lady is. You arrive at a bathroom and you don’t have to ask who’s there. I have never invaded anyone’s space. How am I going to do it with a woman or a girl? No, for God’s sake.”

He continued to deny any wrongdoing in his recent court appearance, stating “”I am not that kind of man.”

Dani Alves plead his innocence in court before being handed a 4.5 jail sentence for sexual assault.
Alves continued to plead his innocence in court. Image credit: The Independent

He had also at the time of being taken into custody stated that he did not have any sexual relations with the victim.

However, he later redacted this statement and said that he did in fact have sexual relations with her, but they were consensual. His defence focused upon the fact that he was drunk at the time of the encounter.

How long will Dani Alves be in jail for?

He was eventually found guilty, with state prosecutors wanting a 9-year sentence for Alves, and the victim’s defence pushing for 12 years.

Alves’ own defence called for an acquittal, or if found guilty, a 1-year sentence plus a 50,000 euro compensation fee to the victim.

In the end, however, Alves has ended up with a 4.5 year sentence, and has been forced to pay 150,00 euros to the victim.

Despite this, the court’s decision can be appealed, with the State Prosecutor’s office stating that they would evaluate the sentence and consider whether or not to appeal.

His sentencing can be considered a victory of the “Only yes means yes” law, which was implemented across Spain in October of 2022. The law aims to make consent the central aspect in any sexual assault cases, in a bid to define all sexual assault cases as rape.

We will update you on Alves’ situation as more unfolds.