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England fan ‘wakes up’ in empty stadium at 4am on Monday morning

Despite it being Monday morning, an England fan recounted waking up at 4am while still inside FC Schalke 04’s stadium after their win over Serbia.

The England fan shot a quick video that was later shared by @awaydaylads5 on TikTok, recounting his experience of waking up in an empty stadium shivering after the match – prompting speculation on how he slipped past security undetected.

The Three Lions came out on top in a cagey match against Serbia with Jude Bellingham scoring the only goal of the match.

“I’ve just woken up. It’s four o’clock in the morning. I’m shivering in Schalke’s ground,” he said.

Everyone on social media is wondering how the England fan was able to evade security and manage to fall asleep without being noticed, bizarre!

You can see the footage below:

@awaydaylads5 england fan waking up in the ground at 4am this morning 🤣🤣 whole place to himself #fight #nonleague #facup #championleague #millionfollowers #lads #football #firm #goat #casual #hooligans #EURO2024 #england #serbia ♬ original sound – away day lads

We could think of worse places to wake up on a Monday morning!