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WATCH: Simon Jordan & Jim White CLASH over Liverpool and Man City spend claims

talkSPORT pundits Simon Jordan and Jim White locked horns over the argument that Manchester City has SPENT MORE money than Liverpool in recent seasons.

Pundit Jim White decided the pull up an article from well-respected journalist Martin Samuel of the Daily Mail.

Martin Samuel’s claims were that Liverpool has spent just as much as City in the past 5 seasons which is factually true. (*Net spend)

Simon Jordan passionately disagreed with the statement from Samuel, claiming that City has spent more than everyone else, he also didn’t agree with Jim White’s standpoint, in which he claimed that Liverpool has spent as much as City. (*Net spend)

EPL Net Spend Table (BIG 6 Since 2018)

10. Manchester City
Spent: £616.96m
Received: £413.06m
Net spend: £203.9m

9. Liverpool
Spent: £408.56m
Received: £191.94m
Net spend: £216.61m

5. Tottenham Hotspur
Spent: £472.32m
Received: £140.87m
Net spend: £331.45m

3. Chelsea
Spent: £808.19m
Received: £425.17m
Net spend: £383.02m

2. Arsenal
Spent: £563.77m
Received: £123.39m
Net spend: £440.38m

1. Manchester United
Spent: £701.39m
Received: £156.09m
Net spend: £545.3m


As you can see by these stats, Jim White and Martin Samuel have very strong arguments.

You can check out the heated DEBATE between the pair below:

Video source: talkSPORT / YouTube

What are your views on this subject? Does Jim White have a point or is Simon Jordan correct on this occasion?