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Liverpool fans set to protest over increased season ticket prices

Liverpool fans are not happy with the new season ticket prices as they have increased 2%.

Liverpool Football Club has announced a season ticket price increase of 2% and the fans are livid about it, the supporters are set to protest in their Europa League match against Atalanta on Thursday.

Thursday’s Europa League quarter-final tie versus Atalanta will feature no flags on the Kop end of Anfield.

Liverpool fans protest in the Kop end.
Liverpool fans will protest over increased season ticket prices (Image: Getty)

When asked about the planned protest, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said:

“I understand the concerns and the discussion. We want to have the people in the stadium and we want to make it available for everybody.

“We are a self-sustaining club – every pound we make goes back into the football club. I understand 100% where the supporters are coming from and I am sure they will find a solution.

“What we should make sure is that nothing gets between us and the supporters.

“In between the two big whistles, we just have to be Liverpool – that’s what I’m asking for.

“It would be worse if only the flags would be in the stands and nobody else.

“They will find a solution for sure.”

Man City fans were also fuming over their increased season ticket prices.