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Former Netherlands star handed SIX years in JAIL for SMUGGLING COCAINE

Former Netherlands forward Quincy Promes has been sentenced to SIX years in jail for allegedly smuggling over 1,350 kilos of cocaine.

Quincy Promes was once considered one of the brightest talents in Dutch football. Having played for esteemed clubs such as Sevilla and Ajax, he had showcased his skills on both domestic and international stages.

quincy promes jail
Quincy Promes won 50 caps for Netherlands national team (Image: Wiki Commons)

However, this incident and subsequent conviction now tarnish his professional career and personal reputation.

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Promes, who resides in Russia, did not attend the court hearing. This absence further complicates the legal process and raises questions about his willingness to cooperate with the authorities.

The Dutch player has always maintained his innocence and the main evidence came from intercepted ‘crypto messages’.

Promes will most likely appeal the sentence , the crime took place in January 2020, he was an Ajax player at the time of the incident.

In addition to the drug smuggling charge, Promes was also recently accused by Dutch prosecutors of involvement in an assault.

The incident, which involved a stabbing, occurred at a family gathering in July 2020. Promes, who currently plays for Spartak Moscow, was convicted by a Dutch court.

But because of the extradition laws in Russia, it means Quincy Promes could continue his career there without returning back to the Netherlands.

As the legal process continues, the outcome of any appeal will determine whether Quincy Promes serves his sentence or has his conviction overturned.

What a huge waste of talent!

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