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Mason Greenwood TRENDING on Twitter as some fans BEG for his return

Mason Greenwood, 21, is currently TRENDING on Twitter after supposed ‘Man United fans’ BEG for his return to Old Trafford.

He’s currently on bail under charges of rape, assault, sexual assault, controlling behaviour and threats to kill.

Greenwood has been out of the public eye for a while due to the seriousness of these alleged crimes.

Furthermore, he was also arrested under breach of his bail conditions.

In February 2022, Nike stopped sponsoring the Manchester United forward amid the allegations made towards him.

A court hearing will commence in November this year but some fans are already calling for the currently suspended footballer to be ‘freed’.

Greenwood is currently TRENDING on Twitter

We don’t understand why Mason Greenwood is trending on Twitter but many users are Tweeting about the Man United player.

Another user even resorted to saying that Greenwood ‘deserves second chance.’

With the trial coming up in November, we don’t know why there’s a whole section about him that’s trending on Twitter given his current circumstances but we hope justice will be served either way in court.

Another Twitter user felt the same way we did, asking why Greenwood is trending on Twitter again.

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