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Apology calls for Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers after ‘sexist’ comment to female journalist

Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers finds himself at the centre of controversy as he is criticised by women’s groups for making a seemingly sexist comment during a post-match interview.

The Scottish Feminist Network and For Women Scotland have condemned Rodgers for referring to a journalist as a “good girl,” sparking a call for an apology.

The incident occurred after Celtic’s dramatic 3-1 victory over Motherwell at Fir Park on Sunday, during a BBC Sportsound interview with reporter Jane Lewis.

The tension arose when Lewis questioned Rodgers about the Cinch Premiership title race, where Glasgow rivals Rangers currently lead with a two-point advantage.

Rodgers responded, “There’s a story been [written] about this group, but we will write our own story.” When pressed to clarify, Rodgers insisted, “No, no, you know exactly what I mean.”

Lewis, however, expressed uncertainty, stating, “I’m actually not sure I do exactly know what you mean.” In a surprising conclusion to the interview,

Rodgers dismissed Lewis with a seemingly patronizing remark, saying, “Done, good girl, well done.”

The Scottish Feminist Network and For Women Scotland swiftly condemned Rodgers’ comment, labelling it as sexist and calling for an apology.

They argue that such “throwaway comments” have the potential to perpetuate a culture where others feel justified in demeaning women they work with or engage with.

A spokesperson at For Women Scotland added: “It’s depressing that casual sexism is still so embedded in sport.

The groups emphasise the importance of challenging such behaviour, particularly when it involves influential figures in the public eye, like Brendan Rodgers.