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Loose parrot on football pitch helps side come back from 4-0 down!

A loose parrot named Blu recently interrupted a Scottish Reid Cup football match between Stromness and Hotspurs, with the former winning on penalties after being 4-0 down before Blu’s arrival!

Blu’s owner, Carla Brown has apologised to both sides following her feathered friend’s pitch invasion (albeit above the pitch itself!) – saying that Blu was scared by crows and seagulls flying above the pitch that evening.

Blu the parrot stromness vs hotspurs
Blu, Stromness’ lucky pitch invader! Image credit: Orkney Amateur Football Results Facebook page

She told BBC Radio Ornkey “This seagull decided to chase him so he was flying a few loops trying to land back to me. Then crowds got involved”

“Then he flew down to the Market Green, they had a football match on, so he flew between the people that were playing football unfortunately.”

“He was quite loud about it, squawking. Then he managed to do his loop back. He was fine. We are very sorry for interrupting the football match.”

For Stromness at least, Carla’s apology may be unneeded – the side are considering hiring Blu as their lucky team mascot after a huge turn of fate following his flyover visit.

The side were down 4-0 in the Reid Cup match with Hotspurs, but after Blu’s arrival were able to claw the game back to 5-5 and even go on to win on penalties!

Stromness FC parrot
Stromness FC are considering hiring Blu as a lucky mascot! Image credit: The Orcadian

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Andrew Groundwater, a Stromness midfielder, said that the side were considering appointing Blu as mascot following this incredible comeback!

Blu may well have become the most welcome pitch invader in the history of the sport with his recent antics – though we’re not sure Hotspurs would agree!