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Non-league goalkeeper has nightmare debut, and then gets sacked the same day!

It’s a story straight out of a comedy sketch, but unfortunately for Lewis Patching, it’s all too real. The poor guy went from zero to hero to zero again in record time, all within the span of a day!

AFC Rushden and Diamonds were in a bit of a pickle with their goalkeeper Ben Heath unavailable.

So, in comes Patching, our unsuspecting hero, signed on an emergency basis from St Ives Town.

It was the start of a nightmare for Lewis Patching. (Twitter: @AFCRD)

Sounds like the beginning of a classic underdog tale, right? Well, hold onto your hats, folks.

Patching’s big moment arrived when Rushden and Diamonds took on Lye Town. The stage was set, the crowd was buzzing, and Patching was… well, patching up his gloves, ready to defend the goal. But alas, fate had other plans.

Instead of making heroic saves and winning hearts, Patching’s debut turned into a horror show.

Rushden and Diamonds were pummelled with a 4-0 defeat and just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, cue the dramatic music.

After the match, Patching found himself in a showdown with fans at a local bar. Now, we’re not sure if it was the disappointment of the loss or just a case of too much adrenaline, but things got heated – like, really heated.

Reports say Patching ended up headbutting a fan around 6pm, talk about a knockout blow!

Come Saturday evening, Rushden and Diamonds were quick to distance themselves from the chaos.

In a statement that probably had Patching shaking in his boots, they announced his departure faster than you can say “own goal.”

Patching was let go by the club on Saturday evening so all in the same day in fact!