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‘No other option but to relegate City’ former Sky Sports pundit delivers damning verdict

Former Sky Sports pundit Geoff Shreeves has gave his damning verdict on Manchester City’s ‘imminent’ Financial Fair Play punishment.

Manchester City will be anxiously waiting as their FFP trial date is set to start later this year but it will take a long time to prosecute the treble winners if they are to be punished.

What are the 115 charges Manchester City are up against?

The club was charged for breaking Financial Fair Play rules dating back from 2009 and goes on right to 2018.

During that period, Manchester City won the Premier League three times.

But, Man City believe they are innocent so they are fighting against these alleged breaches, nothing has been proven yet and it’s all just mere speculation at the moment.

Man City facing 115 FFP charges
The newspapers of course will add fuel to the fire but only time will tell if they are found guilty or not (REUTERS)

We know as much as the Average Joe does but Geoff Shreeves believe if they are found guilty then relegation is the only option.

The former Sky Sports pundit sat down to speak with Lucky Block and shared his thoughts on the current process around the 115 charges brought against Man City.

Geoff Shreeves said: “The Everton and Manchester City charges are very different. You can’t compare the two directly and Everton were in dialogue with the Premier League all the way through their process.

I think with Manchester City, it will come to court but not for two years at least. It’s a long, a long, long way down the road.

“I don’t see that the Premier League would have any other option [than to relegate City if they are found guilty].

They’ve set a precedent with Everton with those points deductions. They primarily pushed for a 12 point deduction. So it has to be a possibility, it has to be.”

You can watch the full interview courtesy of Lucky Block here:

Do you think Manchester City will be relegated as a punishment or will it get thrown out of court? Let us know!