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Micah Richards wears Man Utd shirt after Roy Keane forfeit

Roy Keane, the former Manchester United captain turned Sky Sports pundit, never fails to entertain with his blunt and often controversial remarks.

His unique dynamic with fellow pundit Micah Richards has become a staple of their on-screen presence, with their banter and occasional clashes providing fans with an extra dose of excitement.

In a recent episode of Gary Neville’s show, ‘The Overlap,’ Keane and Richards found themselves engaged in a memorable moment that had Richards wearing a Manchester United shirt as a forfeit. And it’s safe to say that Richards hated every second of it.

The episode centred around a quiz competition between Keane and Neville, representing Manchester United, and Richards, along with former England women’s star Jill Scott, representing Manchester City.

The stakes were high as the quiz would determine the winner of the Manchester derby FA Cup final between the two clubs.

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Both teams faced a series of challenging questions that tested their knowledge of the derby’s history.

As the quiz came to a dramatic conclusion, it reached a tie-breaker question. Keane and Neville were miraculously just one mile off the exact distance between Manchester Piccadilly and Wembley Stadium, securing them the victory.

However, Keane, known for his no-nonsense attitude, wasn’t satisfied with a simple victory. He wanted to take it a step further and impose a forfeit on the losing team.

Richards, hesitantly holding a Manchester United shirt in his hands, expressed his reluctance to don the rival team’s colours.

With a mix of hesitation and humour, he remarked, “I don’t know if I can do it, sorry.”

Nonetheless, as a good sport, Richards reluctantly put on the red jersey, albeit with visible discomfort.

micah richards manchester united shirt
Big Meeks was in severe discomfort as he put on the United shirt (Credit: Sky Sports / The Overlap)

He made it clear that the red colour felt wrong on him, jokingly commenting, “Look at this red, it just feels awful!”

Meanwhile, Keane, in possession of a sky-blue Manchester City shirt with Erling Haaland’s No. 9 printed on it, dismissed any notion of wearing it himself.

Instead, he humorously suggested that the only purpose of a City shirt for him would be to “wash his car” before flinging it aside. However, he did eventually fold it and show a bit of respect.

The sight of Richards, a former Manchester City player, reluctantly donning the United shirt, provided an amusing moment for viewers.

Micah Richards wearing a United shirt is something we never expected to happen this year

It’s undeniable that seeing Keane in a City shirt would have generated considerable buzz and potentially “broken the internet.” However, the footballing world will have to wait for that unlikely occurrence.

Big Meeks will undoubtedly regret his decision to wear a United top knowing it will be plastered all over the internet for eternity.

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