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Calls for Jamie Carragher to be SACKED after making ‘classless’ joke on CBS

Jamie Carragher may have gone one step too far on live TV as he insulted fellow pundit Kate Abdo.

The former Liverpool defender had many viewers ‘curling their toes’ as he awkwardly made a joke directed towards Kate Abdo about her husband.

The awkward exchange happened during the live broadcast of Arsenal’s 1-0 victory over FC Porto in the UEFA Champions League.

Jamie Carragher asked Kate Abdo to wear an Arsenal top but her reply was: “I’m loyal, I’m loyal”

Jamie Carragher didn’t pull any punches as he ripped into Kate Abdo. (Image: CBS Sports Golazo)

Carragher then responded: “To who?”

Kate said: “To Manchester United, thank you very much”

Carragher cheekily replied: “Not to Mailk” aiming it at Kate Abdo’s husband.

Micah RIchards put his head down as Carragher made the ‘risky’ joke

You can watch the awkward footage below:

Of course, many people on social media reacted to this.

One user said: “Like spitting on a 14 year-old wasn’t enough, this guy is classless and should be sacked”

Another said: “No way Carragher said this IM DEAD”

Another added: “The way she looked at Thierry after the comment”

Jamie Carragher has since apologised to Kate and she made fun of the situation on tonight’s broadcast of CBS Sports Golazo.

Did Jamie Carragher step out of line or was it a light hearted joke? Let us know on social media!