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Wayne Lineker, 62, attacked in Ibiza: Celebrity knocked out COLD

In a shocking turn of events, Wayne Lineker, brother of former England footballer Gary Lineker, was the victim of a violent assault in Ibiza.

The 62-year-old nightclub owner was involved in a heated exchange with a small group of men outside Eden bar at 4 am, which escalated to a brutal attack that left him unconscious on the ground.

The Altercation

Footage captured on a bystander’s phone shows Wayne approaching a group of men, surrounded by onlookers.

The confrontation quickly turned physical when one of the men stepped forward and delivered a surprise punch to Wayne’s face. The force of the blow rendered Wayne motionless on the floor, sparking immediate concern from those nearby.

Cause of the Confrontation

According to The Sun, the altercation began after Wayne decided to confront the group of men who had allegedly been pestering one of his female friends. The situation deteriorated rapidly as tensions escalated, culminating in the violent assault.

Attempt to Escape

Reports suggest that Wayne and his companions initially attempted to de-escalate the situation by leaving in a taxi. However, their escape was thwarted when one of the aggressors shut the door of the vehicle before Wayne could get in, forcing the confrontation to continue outside the bar.

Ongoing Investigation

Local authorities are investigating the incident, reviewing the footage, and gathering statements from witnesses to identify the perpetrator. It remains to be seen what legal actions will be taken against those involved in the assault.