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500-man Serbian ultra army targets England fans at Euro 2024

A terrifying army of over 500 Serbian ultras are reportedly headed for Euro 2024 with the intention of targeting England fans at the event.

England’s opening match of the Euros against Serbia has already been labelled a “very high risk match”, with an army of more than 500 hooligans said to be heading to the game.

In response, over 1,300 German police officers are to be deployed at the stadium on the day of the Three Lion’s first clash, with increased surveillance also being put in place.

Serbia’s football ultra scene is home to some of the most formidable hooligans on the planet, with firms such as the Headhunters and Gravediggers notorious on the European scene.

Serbian ultras are reportedly heading for England fans at Euro 2024.

Countless events involving various forms of horrifying violence, burning buildings, and carnage on the streets have earned these groups their reputation, and they are said to be heading to Euro 2024 with one this in mind – targeting England’s fanbase.

With it being no secret that English hooligans also like to drink too much and have a scrap on away trips, German authorities have given special attention to this opening day fixture in Gelsenkirchen.

Chief of Police in Gelsenkirchen, Peter Both, said that “up to 400 or 500 ­violence-seeking ­Serbian ­hooligans will travel to ­Germany”.

He went on to say “I guess the biggest challenge for us will be to identify violent, disruptive groups at an early stage, to separate them from peaceful and law-abiding fans, that will be our biggest challenge.”

British police officers are also said to be in attendance in plain clothes for every England match at the Euros, to assist any English travellers in need, or put a stop to any potential trouble they may cause.

Despite the threats posed by England’s opening match with Serbia, authorities are convinced that Germany is ready and experienced in hosting such high profile events.

Despite threats of Serbian ultras clashing with England fans, German police are convinced they are prepared to handle the situation.

A spokesman for UK law enforcement told The i “If you were going to hold this tournament at this time anywhere apart from the UK, then you would choose Germany.”

England kick off against Serbia at 8PM Sunday the 16th of June, with the match airing on BBC One.