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Soldier SHOOTS footballer after being told he can’t join in game!

A footballer has been shot and killed by a soldier in the Agago district of Uganda after the military man forced his way into a match.

Justine Omol has become yet another casualty of the rising gun violence across Uganda, which is mostly implemented by military, police and security authorities.

At least 11 shootings have been recorded since May, with 10 of them reported as being fatal. One of the casualties included was State Minister for Labour, Charles Okello Engola Macodwogo, who was shot by a military bodyguard.

State Minister for Labour, Charles Okello Engola Macodwogo uganda
State Minister for Labour, Charles Okello Engola Macodwogo, who was shot dead by a military bodyguard. Image credit: Watchdog Uganda

This most recent fatality allegedly began when Army Private Michael Mukanza turned up to a local football pitch, on which a game was being played. Mukanza is alleged to have demanded to be allowed to join the game.

When his demands were ignored, Mukanza then forced his way on to the pitch amongst the other players, having to be forcibly removed. It is at this point that he is then alleged to have rushed back to his barracks in order to collect his rifle, before returning to open fire on the players of the game.

soldier shoots footballer
Mukanza returned to get his rifle before shooting at the football players who turned him away. Image credit: Daily Monitor

His actions understandably caused widespread panic, with fans watching the match forced to run for their lives, as the players on the pitch were attempting to do.

Justine Omol was struck by bullets twice in his left thigh after Mukanza deliberately took aim at him, and died of his wounds a short time after.

It is awful that such a petty incident would claim the life of a 25-year-old, although those in attendance were thankful that Mukanza did not manage to harm anybody else before fleeing the scene.

soldier shoots footballer custody
Mukanza has been in Military custody since the the shooting. Image credit: Human Rights Watch

Mukanza has been in military custody since the incident, with no statement having been given by his military unit on the matter. A local business woman told Police that she had seen Mukanza in a bar shortly before he excused himself to head to the match. This has led investigators to believe that he may have been drunk at the time of the fatal shooting.

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Whether or not the Private was under the influence of alcohol or not matters very little in retrospect of his actions. A life has been taken all the same, and hopefully Mukanza gets a suitable punishment for having done so.