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Marcus Rashford’s ‘messy’ night out in Belfast which ended up costing him £650,000

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford found himself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons after a 12-hour tequila-fuelled bender in Belfast.

The 26-year-old striker from Wythenshawe was subsequently benched for last Sunday’s FA Cup tie at Newport County, having missed crucial training sessions following his two-day drinking spree.

Rashford’s night out in Belfast took an unexpected turn as he was on a mission to get drunk, according to a waitress who accompanied him on his boozing adventure.

The 30-year-old Belfast waitress, Sarah Adair, revealed that Rashford downed tequila shots and cocktails before collapsing fully clothed on a hotel bed just before 3 am.

Marcus Rashford at a training ground in Belfast
The United star was in Belfast earlier that day (Image: Twitter)

Adair painted a vivid picture of the night, describing it as “weird” and revealing that she had to put the inebriated footballer to bed after he clumsily dropped substantial amounts of cash on the floor.

Rashford is known for his expensive cars and a flash lifestyle but its worth noting the work he does for the homeless charities in Manchester.

Having spent two days revelling in the vibrant nightlife of Belfast, Rashford boarded a 7 am private jet back to Manchester on Friday.

However, the consequences of his late-night partying quickly caught up with him as he called in sick for training upon his return.

Rashford spotted on CCTV ordering lots of drinks at the bar
Things started to get pretty messy for Rashford as he downed many shots. (Twitter)

Subsequently, the Manchester United star faced a hefty fine of £650,000, equivalent to two weeks’ wages, and was dropped from the FA Cup tie at Newport County.

Sarah Adair, the waitress who shared insights into Rashford’s night, expressed little surprise at his absence from training, stating:

“I’m not surprised he missed training the next day given how late he got to bed and how much he’d had to drink. He must’ve known he wasn’t going to be in any fit state to play football.”

Rashford covered in expensive Louis Vuitton outfit with a silver chain.
Rashford went for drinks at Lavery’s in Belfast (Twitter)

She said: “He was with two men and two women. One was clearly a friend and the other girl was French and very beautiful.

The incident has inevitably sparked criticism and disappointment among fans, pundits, and the footballing community.

Rashford, known for his philanthropic efforts and dedication to social causes, now finds himself under scrutiny for his off-field choices.

It turned out to be a pretty expensive bender in the end, he will have to take this one on the chin and hope he can regain some form!