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10 Football films you NEED to put on your watchlist!

Some football films are already cemented in history due to their fantastic insights into the game we all know and love. Here are 10 football movies that you need to add to your watchlist today!

In this list 10 football films, we have included some of the obvious classics, as well as some that you simply may not have heard of!

Whether it’s a re-watch or a first time viewing, you’ll be sure to thank us for suggesting these football films to fill out your evenings.

10. Will (2011)

Will follow the tragic story of a young Liverpool fan who, after losing both his parents, makes the arduous journey to the 2005 Champions League final in Istanbul.

Will is the inspiring story of a young boy who is a lifelong Liverpool FC fan.

Will live at a boarding school on account of his father being unable to care for him after losing Will’s mother. One day, his Father appears out of the blue with tickets to the 2005 Champions League Final between Liverpool and AC Milan, in Istanbul.

Sadly, Will loses his Dad not long after this, and the film follows his arduous journey of making it to Istanbul to watch the match regardless in his Father’s honour.

This one could well be a tear jerker, but it still makes it onto our list of top football films you need to watch.

9. Kicking And Screaming (2005)

Kicking and Screaming is one of the best family-friendly football films around, starring Will Ferrell.

Looking for a football film the whole family can enjoy? Kicking And Screaming has that covered.

The laugh out loud family comedy is set in the American youth soccer system, and is made by a hilarious performance from comedy genius Will Ferrell.

Ferrell’s character takes over the management of his son’s woefully performing junior football team in order to get back at his Dad, who manages the top team in the league.

Ferrell takes his rag-tag bunch of youngsters and turns them into a fully-functioning side capable of taking on his Dad’s team, with some hilarious consequences along the way! 

This joyful football comedy had to be mentioned on our list, if not only for the laughs you’ll get watching it!

8. Fever Pitch (1997)

Fever Pitch stars Colin Firth as an Arsenal fan who is struggling to find the line between his new romance and his love for football.

Despite an American remake based around baseball, the original English Fever Pitch follows a school teacher played by Colin Firth who is obsessed with Arsenal FC.

Firth’s character falls in love with a new teacher at his school, and the film is based around his struggle as he is torn between romance and being a dedicated football fan.

A great watch with some fantastic performances, put Fever Pitch on your list oof football films to watch as soon as you can!

7. Looking For Eric (2009)

Looking for Eric is a wacky football film that is bound to be enjoyed by all viewers and even features Eric Cantona himself!

This entertaining and rather far-fetched football film is an easy watch that includes France and Manchester United legend Eric Cantona himself!

For those of you wondering, this film does not feature the infamous Eric Cantona kung-fu kick on Matthew Simmons (thought we’d make that clear!).

Instead, this wacky film focuses on a football fan called Eric Bishop. After a drug dealer humiliates Bishop, a stroke of luck sees him meet Cantona, who (with the help of other fans) helps Bishop turn things around for himself!

A fun, easy to watch movie that just had to make our list of top football films. 

6. Bend It Like Beckham (2002)

Bend It Like Beckham is a feel good football film that highlights how football can bring communities together desire their differences.

It may come as no surprise to find this 2002 blockbuster in our list of top football films. 

This feel good movie follows 18-year-old Jesminder, whose Punjabi-Sikh parents ban her from playing football on account of her being a girl. In secret, football-mad Jesminder joins the local women’s football team and helps them reach the top of their league with her skillsets.

Once her fame grows and her parents find out, she is forced to choose between her family and their traditional values, or the sport that she loves.

This inspiring tale of how football can help being communities together was bound to make it on our list of top football films!

5. The Damned United (2009)

The Damned United follows Brian Clough's ill-fated stint as Leeds United manager.

The Damned United follows Brian Clough’s ill-fated and often dramatic stint as manager of Leeds United, which lasted just 4 days. 

Tis wonderfully directed film focuses on the politics behind the players involved with the Football Association, as well as the internal workings of the English organisation. 

A great watch, even for those who have no interest in football, The Damned United had to make it on to this list of top football films.

4. United (2011)

United follows the story of Man United's Busby Babes, as well as the infamous Munich Air Disaster.

This biopic of the Busby Babes (Man United’s almost entirely home-grown talent) began life as a BBC television film, but grew to become a theatrical hit world wide.

The film takes place between 1956-1958, and focuses its attention on the relationship between a young Bobby Robson and Manchester United’s assistant manager, Jimmy Murphy.

This film also depicts the infamous Munich Air disaster, which killed 7 of Manchester United’s players, making for powerful watching.

Whether you’re a United fan or not, this movie had to have a place on our list of top football films for the sheer power of its story telling alone.

3. Mean Machine (2001)

Mean Machine is one of the most famous football films of all time, starring Vinnie Jones as a disgraced ex England captain.
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Mean Machine is a British remake of the American hit film The Longest Yard.

American football is swapped out for the English definition in this now cult classic, released in 2001.

Vinnie Jones plays the lead role in the film, depicting a disgraced former England Captain who was banned from football for match fixing.

Jones’ character gets arrested for assaulting a police officer as his life spirals out of control, and finds his purpose by turning his fellow inmates into a proper football team in order to take on their guards in a match for bragging rights.

A great watch still to this day, Mean Machine was always going to be considered one of the greatest football films on this list.

2. Green Street Hooligans (2005)

Green Street is a football film based around West Ham's famous GSE firm and the violence involved in English football.

There aren’t many football fans alive who haven’t watched this 2005 football hooligan classic, featuring Elijah Wood.

Wood’s American character moves to England after being controversially kicked out of a top University in the US, only to be taken in to West Ham’s infamous Green Street Elite football firm by his sister’s fiancé. 

The movie follows our main character’s relationship with the violence involved with football firm rivalries, beginning with his initial fear, moving on to his enjoyment of the comradery of fighting side by side, ending with his realisation that his involvement has long lasting consequences in other areas of his life.

It goes without saying that you expected to find this modern cult classic on our list of best football films!

1. The Football Factory (2004)

The football factory is one of many football films based around the violent culture of club firms.

This classic football hooligan flick earned instant notoriety amongst the footballing community upon its release in 2004.

Danny Dyer’s drink/drug taking, violence-loving character is followed throughout as he tries to pry himself away from life as a football hooligan in one of the country’s most notorious firms. 

For those of you who watched and loved this film back in its day, we have some exciting news or you! Danny Dyer was spotted filming for a Football Factory sequel just last month, so we are soon to enjoy a new instalment of the cult classic!