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Martin Odegaard FIRES BACK at Jamie Carragher after ‘discipline’ comment

In the aftermath of Arsenal‘s impressive 3-1 victory over Liverpool, Martin Odegaard found himself in the spotlight, not just for his stellar performance on the pitch but also for his exuberant post-match celebrations.

The Norwegian midfielder’s decision to take the Arsenal photographer’s camera and capture moments of joy drew criticism from former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher.

However, Odegaard has since defended his actions, emphasizing the significance of the win and the unity within the Arsenal camp.

Arsenal’s triumph over Liverpool marked a pivotal moment in their quest for the Premier League title. The Gunners managed to close the gap at the top of the table to just two points, a remarkable achievement considering the potential eight-point deficit they could have faced with a loss.

Odegaard’s stellar performance contributed to the team’s success, and his celebrations reflected the magnitude of the crucial victory.

Jamie Carragher, a football pundit and former Liverpool player, voiced his disapproval of Odegaard’s post-match celebrations on Sky Sports.

Carragher’s comment, “Just get down the tunnel. You’ve won a game, three points, you’ve been brilliant. Back in the title race, get down the tunnel. I’m serious, honestly,” echoed a sentiment of traditionalism that suggests players should remain reserved in their celebrations.

Undeterred by the criticism, Odegaard responded to Carragher’s remarks, defending his right to savour the moment.

Jamie Carragher talking on Sky Sports alongside Martin Odegaard holding a camera.
Jamie Carragher wasn’t happy with Arsenal’s ‘over the top’ celebrations (Image: Getty / Sky Sports)

He insisted that those who truly love and understand football recognize the significance of winning a game, especially against a formidable opponent like Liverpool.

Odegaard argued that celebrations are an integral part of the sport and expressed his happiness at the team’s collective effort.

Odegaard justified his celebrations by underlining the importance of the fixture. He acknowledged the potential eight-point gap and how a loss could have complicated Arsenal’s title aspirations.

The midfielder credited the unity within the club, from players and staff to the passionate supporters, for the victory.

In his remarks, Odegaard emphasized the unity within the Arsenal camp. He highlighted the collective effort of players, staff, and supporters, portraying a club that stands together in both triumph and defeat.

The celebrations, in Odegaard’s eyes, were not just individual expressions of joy but a reflection of the club’s togetherness.

Was Jamie Carragher in the right to criticize Odegaard or was it out of order from the Liverpool legend?